Office work & Pregnancy

I have been quite busy the previous days to arrange work at the office to make sure everything run smoothly during my pregnant leave. Our company is about educational products, we sell electronic talking machines for everyone who wants to improve their English. I convinced my boss to make a very big decision to import a big quantity of one of our products two months ago for a potential customer here. But after the goods arrived, this customer delayed placing the monthly order, not like what they promised to us. So I got many sleepless nights & worry days to find ways to solve this matter. After lots of phone calls, mails, meetings; eventually our customer placed the order yesterday & it seems like I finally get released from a burden before taking my pregnant leave. Even though we still need to push more to get our customer place the order in the upcoming months, but I have confidence that our customer will keep ordering our good product for their project.

During the time pregnancy, I have been thinking a lot about when is the good time to get back to work after delivery. There’s a fact that I want to stay home as long as I can to take care of my baby & I also have plan to give my baby breastfeeding for at least 6 first months & I also want to take care of my baby for longer time than 6 months. In another hand, the work at the company may require me to get back to work earlier. As our labor law, a woman can take off for 6 months to take care of her baby but if work requires & if she agrees to get back to work earlier, then she can come to work earlier. I really hope I can stay home to spend more time with my baby during her first 2 years, but it costs much to raise a child nowadays, & it’s always better to be able to earn money & decide how to spend it by my own. Another reason, my current job is pretty well-paid, this job helps me to afford my needs & some other needs of my small family; I also can save some money & send some to my mother in my hometown monthly. The picture now is that if I take my pregnancy leave for too long when the work needs me, then I may lose this good job. So now I make a decision that I may need to get back to work as soon as I can. I don’t know if it’s a good decision yet. Let see if I change my mind after giving birth to my baby 😉



First thing I do when I know it’s a girl


After getting back home from the hospital with the news that it’s a girl, I wanted to do something for my baby by myself immediately. I remembered about some cute crochet stuff that I have seen somewhere on the internet. Yeah, that’s the thing I can do, I used to learn about crochet when I was in the secondary school. Even though I haven’t done any crochet since then, I think I still keep in my mind the way to do it. Before having lunch that day, I went to the market near my home to buy all the things needed for this small project which I call “Crochet stuff for my baby – Made by From mommy with love”. I read the newborn baby size on the internet & estimate the size to crochet. I don’t know if they fit with my baby. But anyway, I did have lots of fun doing these stuff. I went to work in daytime & crochet at night or in the weekend when I had the mood for it. And here are what I have done so far. I really cannot wait to see if my baby fits in & how she looks in these things…














img1425689949438 (1)


Some changes when I’m pregnant (2)


Stretch marks & weight gaining during my pregnancy

I am not a skinny girl & I gain weight very easily if not doing exercises often so I know that I will become very chubby when getting pregnant. And here I become, I did gained exactly 20 kgs in the eighth month pregnancy, all people around predicted that I may gain 30 kgs totally before delivering. It is such a hurtful fact to me, a woman like all other women over the world, I always loves to wear nice little dresses & clothes, now it certainly hard for me to wear those kinds of beautiful clothes. On the way to my workplace, there is a maternity clothes shop with many kinds of nice clothes for pregnant women; I used to dream to wear them when this day comes. However, when I came there to buy clothes in my 4th month, I just could fit in the largest size of all not-the-nicest-designed stuff there. My body shape has been changed totally & I have no way but accept it.

And why did I gain such much weight? First of all, I didn’t get morning sickness. I eat well & sleep well. Sometimes, I wish I get morning sickness in order not to become so chubby this way ;). Yeah, it is a very stupid wish I know ;). Second, I only love to eat starchy food, especially, the noodle & breads in the first trimester, the rice in the second & the third trimesters. Not done yet, I suddenly become a fan of sweet foods, I can eat them all which I hardly eat & I don’t like to eat before pregnant, for example, birthday cake, cupcakes, chocolates, sweet soup, sweet drink, etc.  oh… I feel so good when eating these foods. And it’s easy to say that these food are junk food & not good for me & my baby… but what can I do… 🙂 I just felt free when eating them, then when I checked up at the hospital, seeing that I gained 20 kgs, & the doctor said that my baby is growing 3 weeks bigger than her real age, I felt not good at all. So now I need to eat more healthy food like veg, fruit, meat, fish, etc. & less sweet & starchy food.

As a matter of fact, gaining much weight in a short time leads to lots of stretch marks over my breasts, my belly, my thighs & even my bottom :D… Although I prepared carefully to prevent all these red lines appeared by using good cream, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil since the third month pregnancy, they still come to me… darker & darker by the day… now, when I’m in the eighth month, they all become more itchy which make me feel like a monkey when I have to scratch all the time :D… I do hope they will fade some days …

Bearing these two changes does make me feel uncomfortable; however, the feeling of being a new mommy wins everything. I made plan that I will try to get back to do exercises as soon as my body recovers after delivering & I also prepared some traditional ways to get back some part of the smooth skin before 🙂 … If I succeed, I certainly will share with you about the tips. 😉

Some changes when I got pregnant (1)

I found me got pregnant by the first change in my body, it’s my breasts changed.

After some months waiting for being pregnant, after using so many home pregnancy test sticks & no result, I ended up stop waiting for being pregnant. I just simply let it be. Then one day woke up, I felt my breasts hurt so much. I just thought that the new period was coming soon at that moment. However, the pain was still there & prolonged for around 7 days more. Feeling a bit strange in my body, I ran to a pharmacy nearby & bought 2 pregnancy test sticks. The morning after, I got up early & eagerly stepped into my restroom to test. 5 minutes later, there were two lines appeared on the stick. I felt my heart jumping out of my chest… I was so happy & told my husband about the result. We both love to have babies. So he was very happy too. However, we agreed not to tell everyone yet as this result may be wrong. I needed to do one more test the next morning. The same result appeared made me feel like there was nothing else can bring me more happiness. Till this time, I believed in the pregnancy test result already, nevertheless I asked my husband to take me to the nearest hospital to do a ultra-sound for more accurate result. Finally, we already have my pregnancy confirmed with a five-week baby in womb.

Although my breasts were sore more & more day by day, but I was so glad that it was the first signal for me to know that I was pregnant as I believed the sooner I knew, the better I could give my future baby a well care.


Hello world!

I start this blog to share about my feeling of being a new mommy… There are lots of confusion & excitement at the same time. I would like to write about all the things I have been doing & all the things are going to happen very soon in my small family so I will not forget such memories when I get older & my babies can read these blogs when they grow up & know how they mean to me.

I love to share & to be shared these precious experiences with you all.